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Surprised by Grace

To provoke thoughtful reflection, I’ve taken an ancient legend and set it to rhymed verse:

There’s a story that’s been told about two brothers who had grown old. Lots of envy, lots of strife; things were tense through most of life. Said the one, “This has to end!” A message clear he vowed to send. Hired a man to build a wall: “Build it strong, and build it tall!”  Took a week and went away, then returned and was dismayed to see the man that he had paid had really not his will obeyed. For where the wall was supposed to be, the man had built a bridge, you see,to span the stream that lay between the two whose love had grown so lean.

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2016_06_30_Thursday Reflection_Kate Booth-Clibborn Quote

We hear in 1 Corinthians 13 that all we do without love is empty.  From where does your motivation come for everyday actions?

How is our love?  Is it conditional or sacrificial?

Having a God who is love – not an exhibitor of love, but love itself – where do we turn to catch glimpses of love in its purest form?

Ponder further the words spoken by Paul to the Corinthians:    Charles Price, All You Need is Love