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Life is short

I recent had two dear friends who lost their loved ones around the Christmas season.  Journeying with friends through seasons that have become grief stricken has reminded me of how short life is.  Life is but a vapor; we’re here today and gone tomorrow.  Dealing with death helps us to put and keep life in perspective.  We are given a season to live and to make a difference in our world.  Jesus called us to make disciples of our people groups.   To keep it simple, we are to share the life of Christ that has been formed in us with those around us.

Once Christmas is over and everyone goes back home to start a new year, we frequently get absorbed in work, in sports and all the responsibilities filling up our lives.  Let me encourage you to set aside some time to prayerfully consider what is truly most important in life.  I wonder how much different this next year will be if we take time to listen to God, study the words of the Bible, listen more to each other, speak truthfully in love to one another and give in ways that make a difference in someone’s life.  It doesn’t take much to make a difference in someone’s life.  Giving someone time is the best way to show love.