Immediate Roadblocks

What is the immediate, pressing need that [we] those around us first must deal with before [we] they will be ready to truly hear the Gospel?

In what ways does [our] their drive for achievement at [our] their work or at [our] their hobbies drive [us] them to places of exhaustion that leave [us] them open to compromise?

How can we guard against [their] manipulating [us] others to further our [their] own cause, knowing that God is concerned with the justice of our [their] ways (Pr 16:11, 17:5)?


2016_06_30_Thursday Reflection_Kate Booth-Clibborn Quote

We hear in 1 Corinthians 13 that all we do without love is empty.  From where does your motivation come for everyday actions?

How is our love?  Is it conditional or sacrificial?

Having a God who is love – not an exhibitor of love, but love itself – where do we turn to catch glimpses of love in its purest form?

Ponder further the words spoken by Paul to the Corinthians:    Charles Price, All You Need is Love

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