8th Season Finale

Special “thank you” to all our sponsors, referees, coaches, players, fans and the AU rec center team for another great season of Spirit-Driven Soccer.  This years sponsors were:

Frazer Automotive, Trinity Lutheran Church, Yoli Drinks, Black River Construction, Turbocam International, Advance Fitness, Russell Masonry Inc., Brian Garrison DDS, Maple Grove Church of the Brethren, Ashland Brethren in Christ, and www.How2PlayByEar.com.


The Principle of Human Talents

“God has blessed every person with certain physical skills and /or abilities, and each person participates in kingdom building when those skills and abilities are used to declare Jesus Christ.  When the soloist sings, or the pastor preaches, or the athlete uses his or her sport as a platform for serving the purposes of God, each is fulfilling God’s will as it pertains to his kingdom purposes.  To fail to use what God has given us through our physical creation denies the very order and sovereignty of God.”

Rodger Oswald  in Recreation and Sports, Impacting Postmodern Culture





Grace Games

Although the weather outside for week #6 of Spirit-Driven Soccer may be snowy and freezing, the action inside is sure to warm you up in no time.  The fresh covering of snow reminds us that Jesus’ blood washes our sins away, and God gives us a fresh start each day.  Today’s “Soccer Talk” will introduce you to a new way of approaching sports and games.  Going out of our way to make others look and feel good.  Maybe it will set in motion a new habit of looking for daily ways to become grace extenders.  Looking forward to another great Sunday of Spirit-Driven Soccer.