One of the distinctives of Spirit-Driven Sports is our intentional efforts to combine sports with missional opportunities to give and to change the world for Christ.  Each season we partner with a different Christian mission to give in ways that make a difference.

As more and more people have become serious bikers, we seized the opportunity to organize a bike-a-thon to raise money to buy bikes for missionaries in Asia so they could bike into remote areas and share the gospel and reach people for Christ who had not heard the good news.

One year we partnered with a ministry in Kenya by sponsoring 10 at-risk youth soccer teams.  Empower Worldwide Outreach provided  AIDS-awareness training, shared the good news of Jesus Christ, offered micro-financing loans and helped keep at-risk young people off the streets.

One of our favorite missional efforts was a season long competition to see which team could donate the most new tennis shoes and socks for orpans.  It was a wonderful way to put shoes on children around the world who never had a pair of shoes.  Each of the recipients of the shoes also heard the good news about how Jesus loved them, and He came into the world to give His life as a ransom for our sins.  What a wonderful opportunity, and so many players, families and fans gave.  The competition went down to the last game of the season as two teams went all out to give and give so orphans could have shoes.

Last year, the Holy Spirit prompted us to give $100 to each team with a missional challenge:  invest God’s money for God’s work.   We also gave each team a copy of the book , The Kingdom Assignment, and we just prayed and watched God’s Spirit work.  Teams invested in missions to rescue sex trafficking victims out of slavery.  One team invested in digging a well to provide clean water in an impoverished community in India.  One team decided to partner with a friend who did summer outreach ministries to at-risk youth.  They did a sports-themed camp, and our local ASA soccer league provided all the soccer balls and sports gear to equip them for ministry.  One team provided resources for a recovery ministry.  Another team gave resources to help underprivileged children have books so they could learn to read.  Another team partnered with a youth ministry and used the money to go on a mission trip to Kentucky.  Another team decided to plan a  5-K race to raise money to rescue people from sex trafficking.  The latest story that recently unfolded involved one of our Spirit-Driven coach’s family.  His three children gathered everything they could make or find and sold it during a week long roadside sale.  The dad’s team matched the money raised in the sale.  We walked by their home, and the sign on their porch indicated that because of your giving 200 lives were saved in Africa.  Now that’s letting the little children lead us.  That’s making a difference.  To God be the glory!