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Letter from God

Years ago I began meeting with a pastor in town who encouraged me to begin a spiritual journal.  Through twenty years of journaling, I found a safe place where I can write  my thoughts, feelings,  struggles, and Scripture.  Everything I have built or envisioned first showed up in one of my journals.  I also began writing out my prayers and letters to God.  About a month ago a group of local pastors prayed over me asking God to inspire me as I was preparing to write this article for the Ashland  T-G newspaper.  I wrote these words in my journal, and I want to encourage you to read this letter as if it came from God’s heart to yours. Continue reading Letter from God

A Memorable Evening with Al Oliver

Tonight I had the pleasure of meeting one of my childhood heroes, Al Oliver.  I listened intently as he shared from his heart and life’s experiences.  But I didn’t want to keep these powerful words to myself, so I wrote them down so many could benefit from his motivational speech.  These are the words Al Oliver shared with us. Continue reading A Memorable Evening with Al Oliver

Down Time

If your life seems too busy and your body or spirit is crying out for a break, you may be realizing you need some down time.  God designed us to work heartily for Him.  He also created us to schedule routine breaks when we stop from our labor and take a day to rest and worship the God who enables us to work.  If you enjoyed having a week off Spirit-Driven Soccer, maybe your body is trying to tell you that you need some down time to slow your pace and do more spiritually reflecting on your life. Continue reading Down Time

Season Openers

Welcome to our 9th season of Spirit-Driven Soccer.  A few details to highlight.  Coaches met and decided to multiply a few teams and branch into two divisions.     Your team schedule can be found by clicking on the soccer tab.  Please come 15 minutes early to your first game to check in, get your shirts, and connect with your teammates.  Special thanks to our 2016 coaches for helping us get ready for a great season. Continue reading Season Openers

Spirit-Driven Living

I’m amazed how God’s Spirit moves people to action. One of my Spirit-Driven friends, Ralph, recently described to me the amazing move of God’s Spirit in the Ashland County jail. There have been six dynamic Bible studies going on in the jail, and lives are being changed for Christ in maximum security lock-up.

One of my Spirit-Driven friends, Steve, recently shared about how one of his former St. Edward’s students had a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ, and she shared her story during a Young Life annual fundraising event. Continue reading Spirit-Driven Living