About Us

Spirit-Driven Sports exists as an organization for the purpose of:

  1. Building meaningful relationships through sports and passion-based ministries where people are introduced to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Developing people and strengthening families through healing relationships and experiences that help them overcome life’s hurts, restore their faith in God, self, people, and church.
  3.  Connecting people with teams, groups, mentors, spiritual coaches and personal trainers who serve as catalysts in the identification and development of  their God-given passions, biblical worldview, identity, and confidence.
  4. Developing Home Field Advantage (HFA) groups that deepen Christian faith through need-based discipleship groups.  These groups will provide the education, support, spiritual formation tools, and accountable relationships to equip people to birth and lead new groups – new Spirit-Driven Sports, and new passion-based ministries.
  5. Strengthening families and friendships that form a spiritual community where people are known and loved for who they are.  This spiritual community will intentionally seek ways to reach out to the larger community and world to impact lives and advance the kingdom of God.