Shame on you for being 18 and imperfect

As 3 billion people tuned in around the world to watch the Olympics begin, I found myself becoming enraged with the commentators who repeatedly told the world that Nathan Cheng just performed his worse program of his life when it mattered the most.  They repeatedly showed the world replays critiquing all his mistakes.  They’d blown him up to be our greatest hope, only to blast him because he messed up just like most of the other skaters did.

I spend a great deal of time helping people who are trying to heal from being shamed and blamed and dishonored.  And my own shame and blame issues get triggered when I see how common people and our young, talented athletes are treated when they mess up.

I am so thankful that God sent Jesus to take care of our sin and shame.  When we believe and follow Jesus, His once-4-all sacrifice on the cross covers all our sins.  He daily clears the ice making it fresh for us to practice, risk, and make mistakes each day.  He keeps track of all our efforts, but when the score card is eternally kept, we get green marks instead of red.  His blood covers our sins.  He took all our sin and shame upon Himself on the cross.  How I thank God for His marvelous gift of grace.  We get what we least deserve but need the most!