Gleanings from Community?

I want to pass along a set of thoughts and questions.

I would love to hear the ways that you can look back (or reflect presently) and see how living together with others in a dorm setting and/or sharing space in a house for the purpose of splitting costs has shaped your heart and mind. 

What are the general principles/truths that have been (or are being) discovered?  How have you already applied these same truths in your life as you have transitioned into another phase?  How do you envision similar concepts being practiced down the road, though the form may change?  Some of areas to consider may be location, interdependence, sharing, accountability, and space.

I think there are lessons to learn at each stage of life, or at least there are lessons which can be most apparent in some stages and less apparent in others.  What has been gleaned, and could the rest of the Body of Christ benefit from this fresh perspective in a certain sphere of life?  Even if it is not a revolutionary new idea, I think putting to words the messages of life in each and every generation is much needed.  Sharing what has been learned is a dying art.  Join in and keep it alive!

If you take the time and would be willing to share, please add your comments.

One thought on “Gleanings from Community?”

  1. As I reflect back on my academic, vocational, and family history, I think we tend to take for granted the close proximity in which we live and school and work with people. Sometimes we allow ourselves to get so busy doing good things that we miss deeply connecting with those who are right next to us. Then when they move on, or we move on, we realize what and who we had…but we cannot get that time back. Approaching the empty nest stage of life, we now seek out ways to intentionally connect with our four adult sons. Relationships mature over time and through growing maturity, but we must be intentional to allow the people around us to grow up just as we are growing up. My sister always said, “Glenn, you’ll never grow up.” I think she was right. I still love playing for a living, but it’s nicer when you get paid for it. I need a steady flow of younger and older people in my life for my life to be growing. I think I realize more now that each person is a gift with something special to offer.

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