Letter from God

Years ago I began meeting with a pastor in town who encouraged me to begin a spiritual journal.  Through twenty years of journaling, I found a safe place where I can write  my thoughts, feelings,  struggles, and Scripture.  Everything I have built or envisioned first showed up in one of my journals.  I also began writing out my prayers and letters to God.  About a month ago a group of local pastors prayed over me asking God to inspire me as I was preparing to write this article for the Ashland  T-G newspaper.  I wrote these words in my journal, and I want to encourage you to read this letter as if it came from God’s heart to yours.

“My child, as you begin this day, I want you to experience the full extent of My love.  I created you in My image.  I sent My Son to demonstrate who I am.  My Son gave His life in order to demonstrate that there is nothing I would hold back in order to pursue you with My love and grace.  As you open up your mind, heart, and life to encounter more of My love, you will be melted and re-shaped and consumed by My love.

You read love stories recorded in the Bible.  You read commands I’ve given you to love others, but you have such an independent nature.  You desire to be known and loved.  But at the same time, you fear being known and loved.  Your hurts have caused you to trust no one with the depths of your soul.  But I created you with a purpose.  I designed you to be known and loved. I made you to reflect My generous love.

I invite you to come to Me with all your questions, doubts, wounds, and burdens.  My desire and plan all along has been to have a close relationship with you.  Although people have hurt you and have misrepresented Me, don’t base your beliefs on your feelings, thoughts, or experiences.  Trust My unchanging character.  You can trust My everlasting love.  I don’t love you in spite of your sin; I reach out My loving arms while you’re experiencing pain and problems.

In time, you will discover that My perfect love will cast out all fear.  I will come and will make myself at home in your heart, and your heart will be restored.  It will become a safe haven that you open to others who also need My rest and healing.

Before you dismiss this letter, consider all that I’ve brought you through, and I’m still pursuing you with My love, even the parts you find unlovable.  I long to restore all of you.  The only way for you to learn to love the unlovable people around you is to allow My love for all of you to heal your brokenness.  My body was broken so that all of you may be healed.”

Maybe you would like to respond by writing your own letter to God.


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