Down Time

If your life seems too busy and your body or spirit is crying out for a break, you may be realizing you need some down time.  God designed us to work heartily for Him.  He also created us to schedule routine breaks when we stop from our labor and take a day to rest and worship the God who enables us to work.  If you enjoyed having a week off Spirit-Driven Soccer, maybe your body is trying to tell you that you need some down time to slow your pace and do more spiritually reflecting on your life.

During Sunday’s “down time” you may have witnessed the pregame show of the 50th Super Bowl when all the MVPs of the former Super Bowls walked onto the field.  You may have etched in your memory some of the amazing passes, catches, or turnovers that won Super Bowls and made them heroes.

This season you have the opportunity to become a hero to someone across the world who is severely disadvantaged.  Jesus said that when we give to one of the least of these, we have done it unto Him.  If you realized asking your peer group to sponsor you when you score goals that you could eternally save lives around the world, what would it take for you to take action and set the bar for those around you to reach.

Spirit-Driven Coaches:  this is your personal challenge…set the bar high through your example.  Exhaust your peer group requesting them to sponsor you so that when you score…you are making an eternal impact through your scoring and through your leadership.  Leadership is all about influence, and can you think of a better way to influence your team this season?

Friends and opponents are sponsoring each other when goals are being scored.  Goal scorers are giving money to missions every time they score goals.  Friends are sponsoring goalies each time someone scores against them.  One goalie grabbed a gift of goal form to celebrate giving whenever someone scores on him.  What an insane way to enjoy this game and make a difference in the lives of some of the most needy people around the world.  But if you sit back and expect others to make it happen, you will be robbed of the blessing.  The first month of our season has already passed with two more to go.  So please take some “down time” and prayerfully consider who you know that would be willing to give so that your goals scored will change the world.