Spirit-Driven Living

I’m amazed how God’s Spirit moves people to action. One of my Spirit-Driven friends, Ralph, recently described to me the amazing move of God’s Spirit in the Ashland County jail. There have been six dynamic Bible studies going on in the jail, and lives are being changed for Christ in maximum security lock-up.

One of my Spirit-Driven friends, Steve, recently shared about how one of his former St. Edward’s students had a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ, and she shared her story during a Young Life annual fundraising event.

I stand in awe of how God works in and through our weaknesses. As I’ve battled this week through exhaustion from having a sinus infection, I’ve seen God do some modern day miracles bringing reconciliation and healing to families that have been broken.

I’ve seen the entire atmosphere of my workplace change as I have been inviting my colleagues to gather for a weekly prayer meeting in my office over the past months. People are experiencing healing and amazing answers to prayer. We are all coming to see that God is moving in our midst. He’s helping us work together as a team to help people heal from trauma and discover new life in Christ.