Goal Scoring Mission

Our mission through Spirit-Driven Sports is to impact the world for Christ through sports and passion-based ministries.  In order to accomplish our mission we encourage each of our players to go to the soccer tab, make copies of the goal scoring mission, and hand it out to friends and loved ones over the Christmas season.  Each time you score a goal this season, your personal sponsors may  donate a designated amount of money to missions.   The more goals we score throughout the 9 game season, the more money will go to missions.  This year our designated missions help free people around the world from sex trafficking, provide the gospel and relief to areas of devastation, provide Bibles and resources to areas where there’s been devastation,  train and equip native missionaries, provide wells and clean water to thirsty souls, and provide micro finance loans to help bring people out of poverty.  In addition to your personal sponsors, Spirit-Driven Sports will also be giving $1.00 to missions each time a player scores a goal.  If you have a competitive nature, it would be great to challenge yourself to set a goal of how many goals you will score and how much money you will raise for missions.  There is no limit to what God can and will do through you as you play for Christ and building His Kingdom around the world.  Rise to the challenge!  Maybe your co-workers or church friends would sponsor you as well.