Inflated or Deflated?

Images are powerful.  They organize how we think, how we dress, how we act, and how we spend.  I recall my childhood heroes were quite different from today’s heroes.  My heroes were known for their humility, character, commitment, compassion and talent.  They set and broke records, but they didn’t tell everyone about how great they were.  But today’s sports heroes frequently have inflated egos. They deflate footballs to win the game.  They bully their way to the top, and then they are voted MVP.  It seems like they’re on power trips with their pockets lined with millions of dollars.

But the most powerful image is the One that comes to your mind when you think of Jesus.  Despised.  Rejected.  Suffering Servant.  Wounded for our sins so that we may be free.  He picked up children.  Restored dignity to broken women.  Healed the sick.  Touched the leper.  Called prisoners out of darkness.

Your image of God may be your most powerful image.  It impacts how you see yourself.  It determines how you see and treat other people.  Your image of God either fills you with purpose or takes the life right out of you.  If you want to add a spark to your days, begin to ask people around you what comes to their mind when they think of God.  You may be on your way to some life-changing discussions that impact your image of God, self, others and the world.